Time to put an end to illegal immigration?

The pseudo liberal section of our society got a taste of their own medicine in Noida, after a mob of 200-300 blood thirsty Bangladeshi immigrants  went berserk pelting stones and destroying property in a posh society. It all began after a family caught their maid red handed, stealing money and confronted her.(Link here) The following day an entire horde of unruly immigrants landed inside the society, swearing to rape the woman and kill her child.

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This is just one among such countless incidents that take place, which has fortunately made to the headlines. Our national media which pounce at the very mention about a victim from a minority community, took over three days to report the Malda riots in West Bengal, where police stations were burnt down, Hindu properties were attacked, women molested and public property worth crores were destroyed. Again, the Malda incident was perhaps the only one, which was fortunate enough to receive some coverage from national media. This incident is just a fraction of the bigger picture, that of Islamization of West Bengal. Infiltration from Bangladesh is one of the most important reasons, which is resulting in the growth of the Muslim population in the state of West Bengal. The sequence of events taking place in West Bengal follow a pattern similar to that of Kashmir valley in late 90’s. Kashmir valley had close to 25% Hindu population during the partition. After the raise of radical Islam followed by the rapid Islamization of the valley and rise in the number of attacks targeting the minority Hindu Pundits, there were waves of exodus which resulted in decimating the Hindu population to less than 3%. West Bengal seems to be following a similar path.

“As per available inputs, there are around 20 million (2 crore) illegal Bangladeshi migrants staying in India,”  Kiren Rijiju, Union minister of state for home

Their number is highest in the state of West Bengal with an estimated 57 lakh, followed by Assam with 50 lakh living illegally.Image result for hindu population in west bengal comparisonIncidentally, the number of riots and crimes against Hindus in West Bengal have been increasing at a rapid phase. This raises the question, should be soft on these illegal immigrants?

Let us consider the case of Europe. Politicians did not crack down on extremists for fear of being accused of racism. The result? A string of stabbings, bomb blasts and truck attacks by these refugees, resulting in the death of over 500 innocent citizens of European Union in the last 2 years. Germany’s migrant rape crisis has already spiraled out of control. The infamous New Year’s Eve sexual assaults where 2000 migrants sexually assaulted over 1200 women across Germany, shows us the after effects of taking in refugees. The numerous attacks on women just reflect the misogynistic mindset of the migrants, who see women as nothing more than sex objects. These refugees from warn torn countries, who insist that their women be covered completely head to toe, bring their culture and savagery along with them. Unlike the photos you see on social media, of poor refugee mothers feeding their sons or fathers carrying their old men, most of the refugees who seek shelter are young strong men capable enough to rape, murder or explode himself.In France, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment is running high, particularly after a series of high-profile terror attacks including the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting, the November 2015 attacks in Paris, and the July 2016 truck attack in Nice, all of it which involved immigrants.




Since 2013, the demographic profile of asylum seekers in the EU-28, Norway and Switzerland has become slightly more male (67% in 2013, 71% in 2014 and 73% in 2015), with a steady share of asylum seekers arriving under 35 years of age (80% in 2013 and in 2014, 83% in 2015)





Donald Trump with his strict anti-immigration, nationalistic policies is being seen as a crusader for the rights of the majority by the far right supporters across the globe .

In one of his interviews with FOX NEWS, he says

“It’s a total disaster. The people are going to come in. I talked to you about this two weeks ago, where we talked about the migration, how so many of the people in the migration were strong young men. You look at them. I’m saying, Where are the women? Where are the children? We’re taking in people we have no idea who they are….”

Our people were so busy mocking Trump for his anti-immigration wall that they failed to realize the imminent danger they were in, due to the influx of countless Bangladeshi immigrants and Rohingya Muslims. Be it Germany, Netherlands, Sweden or India, illegal immigrants follow the same modus operandi. First the young males infiltrate, wreck havoc in the society and chase away the locals, then the women and children come, settle down and populate the locality. When a Muslim majority country, Bangladesh, itself decides to send all Rohingya refugees to a flooded island in the Bay of Bengal to prevent them from “intermingling” with Bangladeshi citizens, we can only imagine the horrors they can do if they are let in.It’s time the government sounds the alarms and begins deporting the 2 crore illegal immigrants infesting the country from inside.

Edit: Yogi Adityanath’s government razes down illegal structures in which the Bangladeshi immigrants who wrecked havoc in posh Noida society were living.(Link)



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